Kidney Clinical Research Unit
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Welcome to the Kidney Clinical Research Unit (KCRU)
London, Ontario, Canada

KCRU The Kidney Clinical Research Unit is a 4000 square foot facility located at London Health Sciences Centre. This facility is dedicated to clinical research in the quantitative health sciences. The KCRU consists of a diverse research community with people from many different academic and occupational backgrounds. Currently the KCRU coordinates over 70 local, national and international studies (clinical trials, observational studies, research synthesis, administrative database analyses, and economic evaluation). As well as having a strong local research community, the KCRU has developed an ever growing network of national and international research and healthcare connections to collaborate and share information with in order to increase knowledge of renal health issues. The KCRU continues to move forward and grow with the hope that the efforts of research will improve the lives and health of people with renal health issues.

Improving renal health through innovation, discovery and translation

Director of the Kidney Clinical Research Unit: Dr. Amit Garg MD. FRCPC. FACP. MA. PhD

Division of Nephrology - University of Western Ontario
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